The AdvantaTube Welder makes sterile tubing welds quickly, reliably, and easily. Developed for biopharmaceutical applications, the AdvantaTube Welder has been designed to optimally work in all AdvantaFlex® TPE tubing applications including wet, dry, or fluid filled tubing. Sterile connections are made in as few as three minutes. Automated functions assure proper temperature and tubing placement, and the unit welds both gamma irradiated and autoclaved TPE tubing

Key Features

Designed specifically for biopharmaceutical process applications

Maintains sterility of wet, dry, or fluid filled tubing welds

Easy to use — self controlled heating operation and automated mechanical motion

Rugged table top unit weighs only 25 lbs.

An LCD display prompts the operator

Preprogrammed for AdvantaFlex TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) tubing , program
  settings for other TPE tubing are available

Tubing grippers position, align, and secure tubing in place

Interior clamps close fluid filled tubing; no need for other clamping devices

A replaceable HEPA filter and positive air pressure help control particulate

Cycle time averages 3 minutes

Welds both gamma irradiated and autoclaved AdvantaFlex tubing
Replacement blades and HEPA filters stocked
Certificate of Compliance provided with each AdvantaTube Welder
Standard 110 VAC power input, 230 VAC and various plug adaptors available
One year warranty
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Gamma Irradiation Services

Have your single use system gamma irradiated before it arrives at your location and save the additional inventorying, transportation costs, and transit time. Bagged and labeled products are picked up from AdvantaPure’s facility and conveyed to a local gamma irradiation service provider. Using Cobalt 60 radiation, microorganisms and bacteria are destroyed while your single use system remains in its original packaging. Products are then returned to AdvantaPure for final inspection and shipment to your location.