QTS Twin screw pumps

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  • Main Features
•  Flow : 1,230 gmp / 4,656 lpm
•  Pressure : 20 bar / 300 psi
Viscosity : 1,000,000 cP
•  Temperature : 120C / 248F
•  Certification : 3A
Material : Manufactured in 100% stainless steel , wet parts in SS 316L
•  Maximum Speed : Speed up to 3000 rpm
•  Gearbox Material :  
The QTS is a twin screw pump, 100% sanitary use and ideal as a CIP and Process pump, which reduces time and maintenance costs. Also available with rectangular inlet. Ideal for products with high content of air and gas. Certifications: 3-A, FDA and EHEDG
Bidirectional: It is possible to recover the product from the line due to being reversible
Can handle products with up to 60% entrained air.
Single and double mechanical seal
Option to increase size of suction and discharge connections
Optimized rotors
Narrow tolerances for vacuum capacity
100% high-speed CIP
Great suction capacity that eliminates low NPSH problems

QP Circumferential piston pumps

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  • Description
  • Main Features
•  Flow : 312 gmp / 1,181 gpm
•  Pressure : 31bar / 450psi
Viscosity : 1,000,000 cps
•  Temperature : 204C / 400F
•  Certification : 3A,EHEDG
Material : 304 stainless steel seals/Alloy 88 rotors
•  Maximum Speed :
•  Gearbox Material : stainless steel, more resistant than conventional cast-iron gearboxes
The QP Series is characterized by being Universal - ly interchangeable with other brands in the market, even improving the spare parts quality. Certificates: 3A, EHEDG
Helical gears
Flexibility for 4 mounting positions
Antimicrobial lubricant
Self-cleaning packages in the plugs.
The oil-seal is made of stainless steel which prevents oxidation
QP1 and QP2 models can be reconstructed using larger rotors to extend the life of the equipment.

QL Lobular pumps

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  • Description
  • Main Features
•  Flow : 441 gpm / 1,670 lpm 
•  Pressure : 20 bar / 300 psi
Viscosity : 1,000,000 cP
•  Temperature : 149C / 300F
•  Certification : 3A,EHEDG
Material :  
•  Maximum Speed :  
•  Gearbox Material :  
The QL Series feature positive displacement and due to their great versatility, can be adjusted to different applications. Certifications: 3A and EHEDG
The motor or the front cover can be supplied with thermal covers
The wet parts can be hardened for the handling of abrasive products
There are specially designed pumps for tank cars (pipes)
Thanks to its modular design it can be changed to double seal in a simple way

Pesistaltic Batch Transfering

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  • Description
  • Main Features
•  Flow : Maximum 33L/min, can reach 2m3/hour,max channels is 2 channels.
•  Pressure : The largest pressure is 0.3Mpa.
Viscosity : 3,000 cP
•  Temperature : 10 to 60C
•  Speed range : 30-350 rpm
Gap Adjust. : Ajustable
•  Material : Stainless steel 316L rollers
Batch Transferring Pump is suitable for the tube wall thickness of 4.8mm,6.3mm. Maximum flow rate is 33L/min, the largest pressure is 0.3Mpa. It has reasonable tight composition, easy to load the tube. The roller adopts planetary gear transmission, safe and reliable, at the same time it can prolong the tubing life.
Flow range is wide, can reach 2m3/hour, suitable for batch transferring
The pressure of transmission is high, suitable for massive viscosity and high-lift materials.
It adopts planetary gear design, safe and reliable, with high-power.
roller driving force rotation,rolling friction with tube,prolong tubing life.
Press tube gap is adjustable.
AC motor with frequency control of motor speed control, it can be achieved networking operation with PLC, IPC and computer.

Industrial Speed –Variable Peristaltic Pump

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  • Description
  • Main Features
•  Flow : 0.4-13 L/min
•  Pressure : 2 Bar
Viscosity : 3,000 cP
•  Temperature : 60C
•  Speed range : 30-300 rpm
Flow accuracy : <3%
•  Speed resolution : 1 rpm
The pump is suitable for transferring large amount of fluid in industry. One channel flow range: 0.4-13 L/min, speed range: 30-600 rpm. It can cascade two pump heads. It adopts the brushless motor drive with large torque, free maintenance. Having basic functions:such as reversible direction, start/stop, full speed (fast cleaning) and speed-variable. RS485 interface, as adopting the MODBUS communication protocol, the pump is easier to be connected with other equipments, such as computer, human machine interface and PLC.
Stainless steel housing
Keypad controls running speed, reversible direction, start/stop, full speed, easy operation.
Applicable up to 2 pump heads
Four-figure digital LED indicator displays working speed.
Brushless motor drive, free maintenance.
Stainless steel housing, easy to clean, excellent resistance to the corrosion of the acid,alkali,sodium and the organic solvents.
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We offer a full range of T-316L stainless steel clean steam thermostatic traps to handle the special requirements of clean steam systems. Different body configurations allow choice of piping and ease of cleaning. The thermostatic design is free-draining and can operate close to steam temperature at any given pressure..