By keeping nearly the most of common gasket types in stock at all times we are able to offer immediate delivery on most gasket requests.

We Supply Replacement Gasket for :

Alfa-Laval, APV, Arsopi, Barriquand , Bell & Gossett , Cetetherm , DHP, DMS , DongWha , Fischer, Funke , GEA , Hisaka , ITT , Izumi , Krashin , Mueller , Otto Heatm , Pasilac, Polaris, Reheat , SEC , Schmidt , Sondex , SWEP , Tranter

Available Materials

N.B.R ( Nitrile )
HNBR (Hydrogenated Nitrile )
Sealing Systems does not sell OEM's PHE or gaskets.
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Does all OEMīs manufacture their rubber products ?

Well, actually itīs rare. Most OEMīs have designed the products themselves, but let rubber factories manufacture the products.
There are exceptions, but not many.
There are OEMīs who do manufacture their own gaskets, but then they also buy from other manufacturers as well.
So they may have many suppliers, which of course affects the quality.
The quality is ALWAYS different for different suppliers, even when they produce for the same specification. The quality may be better, or worse, but itīs always different. For many applications it may not be of importance, but for some applications it does matter.