Sure Flate Valve

The SURE FLATE is a variant of the SOLE VALVE and it is designed to intercept the flow of granules and powder, respecting maximum hygiene standards. The main difference between the two valves is that the SURE FLATE has a gasket that by means of the pneumatic control system, using low pressure air, makes a perfect seal against the butterfly. This new type of valve was developed for products that are abrasive or difficult to convey.

Rotary Valve Tablet

The Rotary Valve Tablet is another variation of the Rotary Valve. This valve was designed to solve the problem of interception, flow control or bulk dosage of tablets, capsules and silicone caps. Particularly it allows the continuous feeding of Tablet Coating Machines, Blister Machines, intermediate bulk filling. The main characteristic of the Rotary Valve Tablet is the silicone rotor, which, thanks to its flexibility avoids damages of the tablets during the discharge. The half bodies, weight and documentation supplied remain the same.

Double Valve Patent Pending

DV is a dosing valve, composed of two intercepting elements. The butterfly is suitable to execute a rough dosing while the small rotor carries out a fine dosing. The maximum accuracy achievable is +/- 20 grams, the valve can be interfaced with dosing and weighing systems. The Double Valve can be supplied with a sealing gasket between the vane and the dosing rotor (DVG). This solution allows the valve to work in applications with pressure up to 0,5 bar. The overall dimensions of the valve remain the same

Double Valve Gasket

The CO.RA.® Double Valve Gasket is an implementation of Double Valve, the difference between the two valves regards the gasket fitted between the butterfly and the rotor uses for the fine dosage. This valve has been designed to guarantee more tight when the valve is closed and to reduce the diffusion of product during the discharging cycles from a machine into containers.

VR8V Valve

The valve is designed to dose powder under pressure and vacuum. It is suitable for continuous feeding of powder while maintaining extremely uniform dosing. The brushless electric motor with control encoder assures very accurate dosing
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Atex is the conventional name of 94/9/CE policy of European Union for regulation of equipment for Atex zone. The Policy became effective 1st March 1996 and became binding 1st July 2003 for all European countries and sets Atex certification for all products marketed in the European Union, apart from production place and laws in force, if installed in Atex environments. Since Atex policy came in force, CO.RA. attuned its own products to satisfy these requirements demanded by European Policy to chemical and pharmaceutical industries. The firm R & D activity, process validation and all concerning the warranty of a complete service to offer its customers, employed CO.RA. staff in a specific research to manufacture “Made in Italy” Atex gaskets for Sole Valve®, Rotary Valve®, Double Valve®.