Special Hose Coverings

Special coverings offer additional protection from high temperatures or pressures, excessive friction, kinking or crushing, etc.
Available materials include: Stainless Steel Armor, Rubber, Silicone, Polypropylene, or Kynar® braid, and more.

Silicone hose labeling

Silicone hose labeling system uses permanently-vulcanized silicone to encase a label and color stripes to the outside of silicone tubing and hose for quick, easy-to-read identification.

Color Tracer Braid

Incorporated into flexible, braidreinforced silicone hose, the colored braid material offers a quick and easy way to differentiate between lines.

Laser-Etched Tags

Sharper and more legible than traditional acid-etched parts or handwritten labels, laser-etched tags are inexpensive, easy to attach to hoses, and work well for existing installations.

Laser-Etched Collars

Stainless steel collars are etched using precise laser technology for sharper and more legible text and images.
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•  Identifies individual hose assemblies using RFID tags
•  Allows recording and storage of critical information
•  Provides an audit trail to assist in validation processes
•  Accesses and records the current status of any tagged hose on the spot
•  Links to a database that contains the complete biographical history
•  Reduces errors on the production floor
•  Safe for use with CIP, SIP, and autoclave processes
•  Eliminates the inefficient calendar method of swapping out used parts – reduces wasted production life and underutilized equipment