Sealing AdvantaFlex®TPE tubing is fast and easy with the AdvantaTube™ Sealer. It offers a compact design, simple operation, reliability, and portability — the remote sealing head uses a 10 foot cord allowing you to seal at the location that's convenient for you. Developed for biopharmaceutical applications, the AdvantaTube Sealer does not break sterility as it seals fluid-filled tubing. The sealer also works on both gamma irradiated and autoclaved TPE tubing.

Key Features

Provides sterile seals from fluid-filled or unfilled tubing using heat and compression

Designed specifically for biopharmaceutical process applications

Portable sealing head allows convenient operation — user can bring the sealer to the
   tubing and is not restricted to a specific location as with table-top models

Produces a permanent, clean seal

Weighs just 9 lbs. — easy to move throughout a suite or mount at a work station

Controls are password protected

One button operation

Durable, covered 10 foot cord offers reinforcement at the sealer head connection

Preprogrammed for AdvantaFlex TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) tubing, settings for
   sealing temperature and time are adjustableOne button operation

Two interchangeable sealing heads available — one for 1/16" wall tubing, one for 1/8"
Built-in safety lock; sealing operation cannot be interrupted until the cycle is complete
Cycle time averages 1-1/2 to 2 minutes
Heating elements designed for superior service life
Standard 110 VAC power input; 230 VAC and various plug adaptors available
One year warranty
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Gamma Irradiation Services

Have your single use system gamma irradiated before it arrives at your location and save the additional inventorying, transportation costs, and transit time. Bagged and labeled products are picked up from AdvantaPure’s facility and conveyed to a local gamma irradiation service provider. Using Cobalt 60 radiation, microorganisms and bacteria are destroyed while your single use system remains in its original packaging. Products are then returned to AdvantaPure for final inspection and shipment to your location.