Sole Valve

The Sole Valve is designed and conceived for flow control of powders and granules, respecting the stringent cleaning procedures and allowing the operator a quick and easy disassembly. The material is AISI 316L for contact parts, AISI 304 for parts not in contact

Sole Valve POM

POM C Sole Valve is different than Sole Valve because it has got a polyethylene body and stainless steel butterfly, it is lighter and cheaper. It is used in the food and cosmetics industry

Rotary Valve

Rotary Valve is suitable for applications where a continous flow of powders and granules for the feeding of process machines is required. It allows also the continuous feeding of granules and powder dosing the product uniformly.The Rotary Valve is a stellar valve, designed to resolve the problem of interception and flow control in pharmaceutical systems.

Tablet Valve

Tablet Valve offers the customers a new option as far as the handling of the finished product is concerned. The unique silicone vane allows the opening and closing of the valve without any damage to the product. Tablet Valve is easy to disassemble and clean. It is used to solve product flow, control of capsules and pills.

HR Crasher Valve

The HR Crusher system allows the crushing of agglomerated powders that are formed during the production and/or storage phase. The Crusher is the ideal solution to break products and is particularly suitable for hygroscopic materials or materials that tend to pack, such as sugar, salt, silicates and chemicals / food products in general.
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Atex is the conventional name of 94/9/CE policy of European Union for regulation of equipment for Atez zone. The Policy became effective 1st March 1996 and became binding 1st July 2003 for all European countries and sets Atex certification for all products marketed in the European Union, apart from production place and laws in force, if installed in Atex environments. Since Atex policy came in force, CO.RA. attuned its own products to satisfy these requirements demanded by European Policy to chemical and pharmaceutical industries. The firm R & D activity, process validation and all concerning the warranty of a complete service to offer its customers, employed CO.RA. staff in a specific research to manufacture “Made in Italy” Atex gaskets for Sole Valve®, Rotary Valve®, Double Valve®.