QDB SERIES Dry Blender

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•  Flow : 352 gpm / 1,333 lpm
•  Pressure : 6 bar / 92 psi
Viscosity : 3,000 cPs
•  Temperature : 10º to 150ºC / 14º to 302ºF
•  Certification : 3-A & EHEDG standards
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The QDB has a modular design that consists of an InLine Mixer QIM, coupled to a work table and a cone, easing the process of powders addition. Meets 3-A & EHEDG standards. Thanks to its modular design, the Dry Blender QDB can be converted into a High Viscosity Mixer QVM  by adding a QTS  twin screw pump.
The QDB Dry Blender is ideal for simplifying mixing processes
Integrated valve to improve operator ergonomics
With ball valve that avoids clogging

QVM SERIES Viscosity mixer

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•  Flow :  
•  Pressure :  
Viscosity :  From 1 to 1,000,000 cP
•  Temperature :  
•  Certification :  EHEDG certified
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Thanks to its modular design, the Dry Blender QDB can be converted into a High Viscosity Mixer QVM by adding a QTS twin screw pump. The QVM High Viscosity Mixer is ideal for demanding mixing applications.It includes a QTS Series pumps which allow the recirculation of the product at high speeds. Its hygienic design integrates an EHEDG certified QTS Pump.Compatible with the QIM Series’ interchangeable backplates. Can be easily transported thanks to its 4 integrated 360º wheels *only when orde
Constant flow
Table and cone made of stainless steel
Versatile design
Product recirculation at high speeds
Easy installation and operation
Integrated valves to improve operator ergonomics
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We offer a full range of T-316L stainless steel clean steam thermostatic traps to handle the special requirements of clean steam systems. Different body configurations allow choice of piping and ease of cleaning. The thermostatic design is free-draining and can operate close to steam temperature at any given pressure..